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Huawei Eco-Connect Comes To Zambia: A Catalyst for Digital Transformation

Huawei Eco-Connect has marked its debut in Zambia, thanks to the collaborative efforts of its esteemed partners. The company has extended its sincere gratitude for the overwhelming support, reinforcing its confidence in the success of Huawei Eco-Connect and its overarching objectives.

For over a decade, Huawei Eco-Connect has been a cornerstone event globally, fostering connections among business leaders, innovators, thought leaders, and partners. Originating in China in 2011, this annual gathering has expanded its footprint to over 50 countries worldwide, with Zambia proudly joining the ranks.

The goal of Eco-Connect is not only to showcase cutting-edge solutions but also to provide a platform for partners to understand Huawei processes and policies, fostering collective growth. In embracing the ever-evolving industry demands, this event facilitates knowledge-sharing to make informed responses.

“For so many years and in so many countries around the world, Huawei Eco-Connect has been such a key and prominent annual event, bringing together business executives, business innovators, thought leaders, partners, and aspiring partners, with the aim to strengthen and build mutual partnerships through show-casing latest products and solutions.

It has been 12 good years since the first ever Eco-Connect was held in China starting 2011. And since then, Huawei with the support of its partners has taken Eco-Connect to over 50 different countries across the world and Zambia has made it to the list of those countries, “ said Bill Zhang, Huawei Multi-country Vice President For ICT Marketing and Sales. 

Bill Zhang, Huawei Multi-country Vice President For ICT Marketing and Sales.

He added, “The ongoing digital transformation requires ultra-efficient eco-systems that are customer-driven. Therefore, the choice of the theme ‘Growing With Partners’ demonstrates the immense value we attach to our customers and how vital partnerships have been throughout our years of operation. It has never been clearer that there is strength in partnerships and so this summit is one way of reaffirming our commitment to mutual cooperation and sustainable ICT development. Through Eco-Connect, we collectively seek to deepen our understanding of the ever-changing industry demands and to make timely responses to those demands through knowledge sharing with our partners. “ 

Mulunga Shimbela, Manager for Enhanced Value Chains at the Presidential Delivery Unit (Zambia)

Mulunga Shimbela, Manager for Enhanced Value Chains at the Presidential Delivery Unit, emphasized the significance of Huawei Eco-Connect in aligning with Zambia’s digital transformation goals, “What we are having here today goes beyond mere interaction but it is a demonstration that no one succeeds in isolation. We all need partnerships to turn around things. Therefore, the partnership component in technology cannot be over-emphasized, because creating and growing partnerships contributes a great deal to growth and sustainable development which by all means my government is advocating for. I therefore cannot be more proud to officiate at Huawei Eco-connect under the theme; “Growing together with partners” Mr. Shimbela said.

Aaron Ji, Enterprise Vice President for Huawei Multi-country Rep Office, shed light on Huawei’s global presence and diverse portfolio beyond smartphones, “The company’s journey in Zambia, dating back to 2004, includes landmark projects like the National Backbone fiber project, 3G network collaboration with Airtel, and pioneering the first 5G project with MTN.

Aaron Ji, Enterprise Vice President for Huawei Multi-country Rep Office

The sequence of milestones demonstrates Huawei’s role in catalyzing growth, from nationwide tower projects to the introduction of 4G and 4.5G networks. The collaboration with the government in establishing the Zambia National Data Center stands as a testament to Huawei’s commitment to providing comprehensive ICT solutions.

In response to the challenges posed by Covid-19, Huawei partnered with the government to implement a remote learning platform and is currently working on the Smart Education Project with the Ministry of Technology and Science. The Smart Zambia project’s E-government initiatives showcase Huawei’s dedication to enhancing efficiency and productivity.”

Beyond business engagements, Huawei remains committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, contributing to Zambia’s development through initiatives like ICT training programs for students.

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