MTN Zambia to give away 3 Hyundai Xcent cars in Mobile Wheels Promotion


So today MTN Zambia let their subscribers know that if you buy a Techno M3M phone at K550 or Bundled Techno T345 & MTN G280 phones at K250 you stand a chance to win a Hyundai Grand i10 Xcent saloon car every month for the next 3 months.


Nothing wrong with that right? Except you shouldn’t confuse the Xcent with Grand i10 as they are two different cars, similar but different. One’s a hatchback…

Hyundai Grand i10
Hyundai Grand i10

… and the other a compact sedan…

Hyundai Xcent

The poster CLEARLY shows a Hyundai Xcent so  don’t get it twisted. It’s easy to see how anyone could have get the two mixed up, they are very similar cars, with the Xcent being made off the Grand i10 model, but similar doesn’t mean same.

In order to not to mislead the hatchback-loving community who may win the car and transform it into an unloved taxi when they meet the actual sedan sibling the Xcent really is we took time out to show the Xcent from all angles below:

360 view of the Hyundai Xcent
360 view of the Hyundai Xcent (Image Credit: Best Car Site)

In a statement issued in Lusaka today, MTN Zambia Chief Executive Officer Abdul Ismail said the telecommunications giant will be ending the year on a high note especially after being voted the most trusted Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider in Zambia.

“Since inception, we have been giving back to our customers in various initiatives. Some of the high profile prizes we have given back include money in promotions like Win Beeg and Yako ni Yako; 90 vehicles in the win-a-car-daily promotion, airtime and so much more. We have also invested in our communities as part of our corporate social investment plan through construction of classroom blocks, school computer laboratories and donated computers to schools. We are passionate about Zambia and we are grateful to note that the Zambians have invested their trust in us and helped us grow to become the leading service provider in Zambia,” Mr. Ismail said.

MTN Zambia Chief Marketing Officer Clement Asante added that the Mobile Wheels promotion is being run in partnership with Techno phones.

To participate and stand the chance of winning a car by sending their phone number and the unique code of the phone (IMEI1) to the short code 215.

Dealers and Distributors also stand a chance to win themselves one of 2 Honda bikes for each of the 3 months by doing the same procedure.

“In the dealer and distributor space, our agents will have to purchase Techno T345 & G280 and Techno M3 devices to stand a chance to win. The prizes are 6 Honda Motorbikes and we shall give away 2 every month for the period of the promotion,” said Asante.

All in all, all the best to the MTN Zambia – Techno enthusiasts who try to get their hands on these wheels. Hopefully this time, there will be no inside jobs playing with the numbers.

As for the phones, a full review will be done once we get our hands on them.

Image Credits: Hyundai, MTN Zambia Corporate Services 


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