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Multichoice increases DStv and GOtv channel bouquets by 30%

Dstv & GotvMultiChoice will increase the prices of TV subscriptions on its DStv and GOtv starting 8th November 2015 due to the effects of the fluctuating foreign exchange rates.

In a press statement, Multichoice says the adjustment is necessary as the costs of providing the DStv and GOtv services in Zambia are predominately US dollar based, a phenomenon consistent with other providers who are importing goods/services and reacting in the same way.

Bouquet Current New Increase Percentage
Premium 631 818 187 30%
Compact plus 413 536 123 30%
Compact 248 321 73 30%
Family 158 205 47 30%
Access 83 108 25 30%
Bouquet Current New Increase Percentage
Value 50 65 15 30%
Plus 65 85 20 31%
Xtra 65 85 20 31%

The impact on the subscriber and the current inflation rate were put into consideration when determining the price increments.

From 1st April 2015 until now, the Zambian Kwacha has fluctuated from just below K7.7000 to K12.3900 to the US Dollar, averaging a 61% increase.

The release also stated that “With the price increase being pegged at 30% only, it means MultiChoice’s increase is still well below the US$ to Kwacha exchange rate depreciation and that the business has over this time absorbed the foreign exchange difference for the subscriber. As a consequence, MultiChoice will not recover the full extent of losses arising from the devaluation of the Kwacha. In keeping with current economic trends, MultiChoice, would also like to advise that it may in the interim have to consider a quarterly review of its pricing

Multichoice went on to say “As the leading video entertainment service provider we strive to continuously improve our services and product offering by providing our subscribers with the best television experience supported by great subscriber management services.”

Is the increment too high? Only recently was there another price hike, with many taking to social media to protest the changes, as you can read here. Share your thoughts with us below…


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11 thoughts on “Multichoice increases DStv and GOtv channel bouquets by 30%

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  • give us pay per view

  • We must urge all Zambians to do away with this Multichoicezambia and see how they will survive without our astronomical subscription rates these guys are just reaping us off.They keep on justifying their increases by introducing useless channels without even consulting with the customers whether or not the frequently added(introduced channels) are adding any value to us.Let them keep the channels which add value to the public rather than choke us with useless channels.For example the prememium bouquet is loaded with channels out of which 80% are of no value at all.Come on wake up Zambians surely we can be innovative enough to have our own broadcasts can’t we?

  • why can’t you put an entertaining africa magic channel on access instead of the ones that are there

  • put even an entertaining africa magic channel on family instead of the ones that are there

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    Please include some more active sports channels on Gotv bouquet and increase on coverage’s rural districts like Chadiza. You ca also improve on your signal quality and strength.


    Mult choice, for channel selection/combination in your bouquet, please allow customers to select/combine channels of their choice and not you. Customers should be paying for cannels they like watching. if I want 10 channels of my choice, then allow me to pay for those only and not any other channel inclusion unless with my authority. It is us who pay and channel selection should also be done by us.

  • Raphael Mubialelwa

    GOTV Africa we really appreciate for the channels you have given us.please keep it up.good motivation.

  • Raphael Mubialelwa

    Please give us some more channels we are really happy.its only Electricity disappointing us.

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