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Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch: Classy and Smart


We’ve seen the previous versions of smartwatches that have been released and we even discussed them here. So it’s not surprising that Motorola, which really has lost some demand over the years here in Zambia, jumped on the bandwagon and introduced a smartwatch of their own, called the Moto 360.

At first glance the watch is very classy. Just take a look at the picture of it below. All the other smartwatches have this almost cliche look to them that really doesn’t make them ideal fashion accesories at all. They really look like SMARTWATCHES. Motorola can earn brownie points for the look of the watch. It looks like an ordinary classy watch many would go for, but smarter.

The Moto 360 Smartwatch: classy and smart.
The Moto 360 Smartwatch: classy and smart.

In a Google Hangout on Wednesday, the lead designer for the Android Wear smartwatch, Jim Wicks, talked about the Moto 360, its design and inspiration for its creation.

The Moto 360 comes with a round face which he said is ‘something people are used to when they buy a watch’. Most smartwatches come with a  rectangular/square face so the Moto 360 stands out in that aspect.  The round face is also suitable for Android Wear because when one looks at the screen focus immediately goes to the centre of the screen.

The coolest thing is that the watch band is interchangeable so you can swap it for a different colour or style to suit your personal taste. Plus, it looks like a watch both men and women can wear unlike other smartwatches that look like a brick and would be unfashionable for most ladies.

You can interchange the Moto 360's wristbands to suit your taste
You can interchange the Moto 360’s wristbands to suit your taste

You will be able to see your phone and social media notifications, your schedules, with just a twist of the watch. This twisting ability of the watch maeans you can wear it on either hand.

You can even ‘talk’ to your watch if you want to because it comes with Google Now integration that allows you to command it by voice to schedule appointments, take notes or even set alarms.

Comfort is all so Motorola used comfy materials like stainless steel and leather for the straps which is why it looks so classy and sleek.

There is no camera provision on the watch because according to Jim Wicks, Motorola did not see the point in putting something on the Moto 360 that is not wanted, and we agree. The cameras on most smartwatches are not fully utilized because it’s much simpler to just use your phone camera on the phone itself.

Note that the Moto 360 smartwatch will only work with Android devices with versions 4.3 and newer.

The sad news is that Motorola has not set a release date, given all the specifications we want to know or even said the price but we’re hoping it gets to us by the end of this year. The most important issue should be the battery power but rumours have it that the watch will charge either by means of Qi which a wireless form of charging or by kinetic motion.

The Moto 360 is the most fashionable and simplified smartwatch to have come out of the tech world so far.

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