Local Startup Friday: Planstore Zambia

Planstore Zambia
Planstore Zambia

Every Friday we feature a local tech product in our Local App Friday segment and this week’s is Planstore Zambia. We asked developer Planstore and their team more about it:

What does the the app do?

Planstore Zambia The app helps you plan your business and assists you on calculating your expected profit/ loss and break even points. 

Why should someone use it?

The app assists you to plan ahead, asking critical business questions and helps you pitch your idea with realistic numbers. This top of the range app gives you a true picture of your business on-the-go. The app also gives free intelligent business advise on pricing and many other excellent tips on planning your business.

Where can it be downloaded? 

Planstore Zambia can be downloaded from Google Play Store for all Android users. To find out more about the app and please head over to the Planstore Zambia website.