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Know how you can market your mobile app utilizing affiliate marketing software

Written by Mohd. Sahel Ather

Dropbox, now popularly known the app, but a few years ago, it struggled to gain traction. During the app inception stage, when they were truly in gray part to gain customers, Dropbox introduced a new thing to the market and that is referral system. It is a program that incentivizes current customers to invite new ones. Of course, the outcome was astonishing.  According to Drew Houston, the founder of the Dropbox, the referral number was increased by surprisingly 60%. Because of the implementation of the referral system, Dropbox gained 4 million users in just 15 months. And now there are more than 500 million customers and this was all because of the referral system.

If you are one of those people who want to quit the growth of the mobile application on steroids then certainly the obvious and vital thing you will need to do is to take advantage of the referral system via affiliate marketing.

According to sources, a great 60% of users find new apps via referrals. Surprisingly, almost every research that was done about mobile app finds that referrals are one of the main sources to adopt an app; When you add a referral from either friends or family, referrals are the main reason behind users discovering most apps.

One of the intelligent ways to market your mobile app is via affiliate marketing. The reason why I am saying this is because not only is this capable of intensive growth for your application growth but it also enhances user engagement and interaction.  According to research, more than 20% of users who have stopped utilizing an app long before will start utilizing it when they see their friends and family using it and when people they know recommend the usage of a particular app. In addition, there are a lot of affiliate management software systems that are available in the market for your ease and convenience.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is all about referral system. Let’s say, I am already using an app and I referred it to you to use the app.  When you actually download the app, I get paid a certain amount as a form of commission. It is truly dependent on performance. That means you only when affiliate gets the desired result. The result varies from product to product or service to service. It could either be in the form of a number of customers referred, a number of clicks generated, etc.

If you want to create a lot of excitement in your offers via affiliate marketing, you can get affiliates either by yourself or by utilizing an affiliate network. When it comes to an affiliate network, there is a hell of a lot of advantages to using one.

Advantages of utilizing an affiliate  network

– Affiliate networks make things easy for you

Most affiliate networks handle all kinds of stuff. Right from tracking to payments; Making it simpler to combine with your product or service. This minimizes a completely eradicates all the stressful things that otherwise you would need to go through in order to set things up and manage technology to handle affiliate all by yourself.

– Affiliate networks do the tracking and payment

Since it is affiliate marketing, there would be a lot of money involved. So, there is a big chance for you to get fooled by the people just to charge you money for doing nothing. Powerful affiliate networks have evolved to manage situations like this and that end up securing your money.

– Affiliate networks make it simple to hire affiliate

Based on how huge an affiliate network is, you can dive into the pool of current network of affiliates to promote your offers. Of course, other than you, this kind of big networks will have various other big affiliate and get one of them to work for you and promote your offer can surely make a big difference.

– Affiliate networks assure your affiliates

Affiliate marketing runs on trust. If your affiliates don’t believe that they get paid then they will not actively promote your product or service. Sadly, many companies, and that includes the big brands too, have made affiliate promote their products and services and later did not pay them a single penny. Most of the times, trusted networks will pay affiliates their commission even when the advertisers haven’t paid them just to show the affiliate that they will get paid, no matter what. This kind of assurance affiliate networks provide their affiliates about the revenue and ensure that the affiliates truly promote your product and services.

Now that you understood the advantages to utilize in an affiliate network, let’s see how to pick the right affiliate network to promote your mobile app.

Once you have decided to go with affiliate marketing to promote your mobile app, it is essential to make sure that you have picked the right affiliate network. So here are some key points that will assist you in picking the right affiliate network for your mobile app.

Mobile friendliness

Ultimately, we are discussing promoting your mobile app. So one of the obvious things that you need to ensure is that the affiliate network you pick should certainly be mobile friendly.  Of course, this certainly makes it hard to pick between a conventional and reliable versus tech-savvy and edgy affiliate networks. But you need to find an affiliate network that is known for both balancing usability and reliability.

Number of current affiliates

Other than saving yourself the pain of having to handle things all by yourself, if done in a correct way, one of the main benefits of affiliate networks is that they assist you in tapping into the strong of major affiliates on their network otherwise you even would not have been able to hire.


Just as any other point, reputation is as important as any other.  Is the affiliate network is not treating their affiliates well enough, then it can damage your brand too. And hence it is essential to pick an affiliate network that has a good reputation in every way including utilizing ethical promotion of techniques by its affiliates.