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iPhone 6s may be launched on 9th September

(Screenshot from Apple website)
(Screenshot from Apple website)

Apple just sent out invitations this week to guests to an important event on the 9th of September and we have a feeling it’s about the iPhone 6s and 6S Plus (even though Siri won’t spill the beans!).

The iPhone 6s is expected to have a longer battery life, may have larger storage space with its bigger RAM, a better camera (both front and rear) than what we saw in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and also some modifications to its build. It should also come pre-installed with the latest iOS 9 operating system.

We may also see the addition of Force Touch (name now changed to ‘Orb’ in the iPhone 6s according to 9 to 5 Mac‘s sources), which Apple has designed to sense pressure levels applied on a device’s screen and bring up various commands relevant to the application touched. It was first released in the Apple Watch but is now making its way to iDevices.  According to Apple, ‘Force Touch uses tiny electrodes…to distinguish between a light tap and a deep press, and trigger instant access to a range of contextually specific controls’. 

Battery life: the phone may come with an A9 chip processor that will increase efficiency and use less battery power.

Camera: there  may be bigger senses than in the predecessor devices, with new modes such as improved selfie shots and panoramic options. 4K shooting, which is the highest level of quality available for screen display at the moment, may be a part of the package too.

Size and design: we don’t expect that it will be much bigger or look that much different from the iPhone 6, but we just have to wait for the 9th now don’t we?

Price: Whatever price it sells at, it will cost you an arm, or two, with the current currency exchange rates Zambia is facing against the dollar.

We’ll only know about the exact features when it launches so hold on tight!


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