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Instagram Hits 300 Million User Mark


The necessity that uploading pictures to Instagram has now become has been further cemented by the fact that it just hit 300 million users per month.

They have thanked their users for all the support so far, counting their total uploads daily as standing at over 70 million. That’s a lot! It beats social media rival Twitter. However it’s still way behind Facebook’s numbers but ofcourse they’re not really competing, Facebook owns Instagram.

They have also introduced verified badges for accounts that are authentic, especially for famous people, institutions, companies, brands, etc. This will make it easier for users to follow the authentic accounts for other users.

In their blog post Instagram wrote,  “As (we) get bigger, we’re focused on helping you discover photos and videos from people who you care about, whether it’s a friend or your favorite musician. Last month, we launched a People tab on the Explore page, which highlights interesting accounts to follow, and we also launched improvements to search. Yet people ask, ‘When it comes to public figures and brands, how do I know that the people I discover on Instagram are really who they say they are? How do I know that this person really is Tony Hawk?’

Today, we’re excited to announce verified badges for celebrities, athletes and brands, making it easier for you to connect with the authentic accounts you’re looking for. These badges will start rolling out over the coming days.

You no longer have to follow fake accounts. Instagram will also start monitoring spam accounts so that only the authentic ones are left for verification. You may want to reconsider posing with Beyonce’s fake account.

Image Credit: TechCrunch


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