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Huawei P9 Lite is built for social media – Li Mao


Huawei Technologies country manager Li Mao has announced the Huawei P9 lite*, an exciting new addition to the popular Huawei P9 smartphone family. It is the predecessor of the P8 Lite and comes with a sleek, stylish design with a powerful camera and creative photo editing capabilities, as well as the latest in high fidelity audio, fingerprint sensor technology and battery saving technology.

The P9 lite stock is currently available in Zambia and can be purchased from all Airtel stores.

“The Huawei P9 lite is the ideal smartphone for young consumers. They are still in school, university or they are at the start of their careers. This means that even though they have a limited budget, the phone offers them a premium, yet affordable experience that will be well suited to their needs,” says Li Mao. “They are fashionable users who like being online. They enjoy taking photos and putting their pictures on social media for their peers to see. On top of that, they also like listening to music and podcasts in private with their headphones on or together with their friend.”

Li Mao notes that the Huawei P9 lite will be the perfect device for the younger generation that spends a large part of the day on their mobile phones because they are very socially active, enjoy listening to music and love to take lots of pictures and share them with their friends on social media.

In identifying the core features of the phone, Huawei is giving consumers an opportunity to maximize the device features through a sales promotion at all Airtel stores. Through the promotion, customers purchasing the Huawei P9 lite will receive a total of 1.5GB every 3 months with giveaways such as selfie-sticks.

With the P9 lite’s 13 MP rear camera, which boasts dual LED flash and autofocus, amateur photographers have clear, lifelike images at the tips of their fingers. The 8MP front camera produces full HD resolution images to make sure perfect selfies can be captured day and night.


With most smartphone users on the go, the P9 lite offers high quality audio and an integrated speaker design, low frequency, volume and quality of the sound has seen considerable improvement.

In terms of connectivity, the P9 lite follows in the P9 family’s footsteps and comes equipped with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, Huawei’s intuitive Emotion 4.1 user interface and supports 4G. The P9 lite has a HiSillicon Kirin 650 octocore processor, making the smartphone a powerful younger brother of the P9 and P9 Plus.

With a 3000mAh battery and ability to reduce power as required, the P9 lite allows continuous calling time of up to 18 hours and standby time of 630 hours. The device also has plenty of storage capacity for higher memory requirements, coming with 16GB of internal memory and a microSD slot which can support 128GB of expanded memory.

Li Mao concludes:

“With the P9 smartphone family, Huawei is offering users a superior smartphone experience. The latest edition to the family, the P9 lite, with its lower price point, is no exception to this. The phone has a premium and stylish look and feel, a high – resolution rear and front camera, as well as a powerful battery, making this a perfect companion for budding photographers on the go.’’

Source: KPR Consulting

*We just got our hands on a Huawei P9 lite today and a review will be shared soon 🙂