How to promote your blog in Zambia

Image credit: business2community.com
Image credit: business2community.com

Last evening, various Zambian bloggers met for the WordPress Lusaka event held at BongoHive with this month’s focus being on ways blogging can be promoted in Zambia.

Here were some of the points and tips shared:

  • Zambia has a very small population of blog readers. However this tiny population can make an impact by sharing links of what they read.
  • Freedom of speech limitations may be hindering the potential of what some bloggers could write about without fearing the consequences.
  • Bloggers have to make sure the content has quality and is relatable
  • Writers have to blog about what they’re passionate about, not just what’s trending. It’ll be easier to write about what you love.
  • Bloggers should guest blog on each other’s platforms, and share others’ content on their own social platforms.
  • There should be room for feedback to help struggling bloggers create better content.
  • Consistency is key but should never compromise the quality of the blog just to beat a deadline.
  • A challenge in blogging is changing perception to coerce people to look at situations more positively and provoke solutions.
  • The goal of blogging should be to agitate a situation to force a solution to happen.
  • Always use quality and engaging images when sharing your blog on social media. They’ll attract more readers.
  • Be sure to check your peak reading times by your audience and target that time to cultivate person to person relationships. Also check your blog statistics to see what’s doing better than others.

To see more of the conversation search the  hashtag #WPLsk on Twitter.


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