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Idapt Modulo, what every Zambian with a gadget needs


A Swiss company called Idapt  has come up with a brilliant handy new tiny charging gadget called the Idapt Modulo ,or Modulo in short, that can charge your battery in the same time as any ordinary charger, but get this, you don’t need a socket for it.

The Modulo is a tiny, credit card- size charger that fits perfectly in your pocket. Whoever said ‘the bigger the better’ was wrong. This tiny, lightweight but  powerful charger can be used with almost any device as long as it has a USB slot so all you have to do is connect the two devices and let the charging begin.  Costing about $110, it is worth the work it does while you’re on the go.

Modulo also has a “Smart Attach” feature which allows you to stick the charger to your gadget without it leaving any gooey marks on it. It detaches neatly, everytime. That’s a great feature for when you have to use your device for texting or taking photos. No more “Battery Low” notifications!


Remember we told you about a similar product that could charge your gadget in 30 seconds? Well as much as this one will take the same time a normal charger would (usually an hour depending on what phone battery you have, how old it is, and if you’re using your handset while charging) it is a much more available product set to roll out in June, that’s just next month. The other 30 second charging system will only be released in 2016 so you might as well order a Modulo now.

If you want to charge very fast, you can even stack more than one Modulo charger to one device, especially for tablets/phablets. Your charging time will be drastically reduced.

Incase you have two devices, depending on what USB ports they have, you can even charge both of them at once!


To recharge your Modulo, you will need to connect to a socket when you’re home and when full, it will serve your charging needs for the next day when you are far from a socket.  Wireless and solar charging Modulo chargers are being tried out and we don’t know when and if it will roll out but that’s something we know Zambians would be excited to get their hands on.

Idapt was trying to raise a target goal of $30 000 but already customers have pledged $71 000, more than double what they needed. It wouldn’t hurt to get in on the action now, would it! Check their website idaptweb.com for more details on how to order one.

Check out their Youtube video here.

Picture Credits: Gadget HelpMigueluribarri, Giga




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