MTN launches ‘Spaka 1 SIM’ promo to reduce customers’ multiple SIM use


In an effort to reduce the need for 2 SIM cards usage by subscribers to make calls and texts to the respective mobile service providers, MTN Zambia has come up with a plan to make it affordable to call any network with its Spaka 1 SIM promotion for the next 2 months.

At the launch today MTN Zambia Chief Executive Officer Charles Molapisi said mobile communication is a necessity that should not be limited by cost and other unnecessary inconveniences, saying ‘a mobile phone is not just a handset. It’s a tool to bring people together and has the power to change lives and change the world.”

“The culture of multiple SIM cards must come to an end. Our understanding is that most customers maintain multiple SIM cards because they are looking for the most affordable rates depending on what network they are calling. However, you will agree that this is inconveniencing and costly as the customers have to recharge more than one account in search of this affordability,” he added.

The Spaka 1 SIM is intended to provide the lowest call rates in the country for the benefit of the customer.

Mr Molapisi also stressed that MTN Zambia has a new thematic campaign called ‘With Love from MTN’, which will symbolize the relationship between MTN Zambia and its customers as key influencers and enablers of success.

The Spaka 1 SIM  is a part of this campaign and if received well by the public after the initial 2-month period, MTN may consider making it a permanent plan, according to Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Zambia Manu Rajan.

The prices of the Spaka 1 SIM promotion will be shared later today.


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