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Sony to announce the PlayStation 4 Neo today

Image Credit: The Verge
Sony PlayStation 4 – Image Credit: The Verge


Sony will be announcing its new PlayStation 4 (PS4) today  and here’s what VentureBeat has shared about it:

More expensive

Sony wants the PS4 Neo for a few reasons. One of those is that mobile devices like iPads and Nvidia Shield tablets are going to get close to the power of the PS4 and Xbox One soon. Embracing more power means Sony can ensure consumers continue to see a reason to own a console.

But, more important than that, a more powerful system that can take advantage of upcoming technologies, like 4K displays with HDR, means Sony can charge more money. A new PS4 sells for $350 (over K3500). The PS4 Neo will likely cost more than that. This will give Sony a higher average sales price, which is something that will help its bottom line.

Strict messaging

A costlier device will require Sony to sell gamers on why this is necessary. Expect the company to show off the benefits of the Neo’s capabilities with games running at a higher resolution and a faster framerate. But Sony will also make a big deal of telling its current customers why the original PS4 is still great. This means that you’ll hear about how every game will work on both systems, and you won’t see Neo-exclusive modes in any games.


Sony has a major challenge here of making the PS4 Neo look enticing without upsetting people who just spent $350 to $400 (over K3500) on the PS4 over the last three years.


Sony has already told us a great deal about the PSVR. The virtual reality head-mounted display will debut October 13 alongside a number of games. It sells for $500 (approx K5000) and requires only the original 2013 PS4 to work. psvr-total-30-million-ps4-sales


It’s possible that Sony won’t mention PSVR at the event today, but with the launch imminent, it’ll probably use this opportunity to remind the world about the system.


More games


At event like the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show in Los Angeles earlier this year, Sony demonstrated PSVR like Batman: Arkham VR, Final Fantasy XV, and more. But Sony should tell us more about these games and anything else it has in the works for people who pick up the headset next month.”

You can watch the live-stream at 21:00hrs Zambian time from Sony here.

What do you need out of this new PS4 as a gamer? Let us know!


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