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How to be safe when playing in online casinos

We always see links to play online games or bet in online casinos pop-up on our screens if we’re browsing the internet, but how do you know what sites are safe, or how do you keep your identity and details protected while playing in online casinos.

Here are 10 tips you should totally consider:

  1. Keep a clean machine: make sure your devices have an antivirus that’s always up to date.
  2. Make your password a sentence: for example, sandiplay$games is a stronger password than sandi1234
  3. Protect personal information: never share too much e.g have your home address showing in your profile picture, or don’t even put a profile picture at all.
  4. Protect your identity: never give out bank account details, pins or any personal information to anyone.
  5. Be wary of online ads. Most online games offer lots of free giveaways and downloads that are often full of spyware and malware and will crash your computer sooner or later.
  6. Make sure the online casino uses reputable software to operate itself otherwise you may lose money when a page refreshes itself and doesn’t store your input that may have made you a winner.
  7. Look for online casinos with licences and which are regulated: check the about ‘section of the website to confirm its a legit one.
  8. Look for endorsements by online casino watchdog sites: there are sites like casino.org, AskGamblers.com and gambling.com that help users find the safest and secure casinos. GameTwist has some of the safest and secure casinos for slots and other types of games.
  9. Read the online casino’s terms and conditions: to see what consequences you may suffer when you do certain actions online. The Ts&Cs will also help you choose which site is worth playing online games or casinos with.


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