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Google’s Launches new inbox called well, Inbox


No, Gmail will not disappear but Google has announced plans to launch another inbox service called Inbox that they say will make your entire email experience so much easier.

Claiming to declutter emails, the Inbox email service will allow you to sort your emails according to type in what they’re calling ‘Bundles’ making it easy to find what you’re looking for at a later time.

Inbox will also allow you to see short highlights of your emails, the images they may have attached to them. Consider it ‘active’ mail. This feature is also found in what will now be their rival, MailBox.

You can also set reminders of things you need to do or meetings you need to attend, or snooze messages and reminders to another time.


They have made it different from Gmail, which was also made into an app, but have said they don’t intend of getting rid of Gmail at all.

It will be accessible on gadgets running Chrome, Android or iOS.

To request an invitation to get Inbox you have to send an email to inbox@google.com, according to instructions here.


It has been created by the same creators of Gmail, but they promise it will deliver more. Watch the video below to know more:


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