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Last Week In Zambian Tech Trends


What did you miss out on in Technology in Zambia? We have the scoop all here.

Fisrt of all Facebook added 3 more websites that Zambians can have basic access to on their Internet.org [platform which is currently in partnership with Airtel, incase you were wondering why Facebook is free on that network too. So now you can visit Supersport.com for all your game information, Zambia Reports for your news, and Ebola Info, which is a collaborative effort by UNICEF and the Zambian Ministry of Health to warn people about the cause, effect ad prevention of the Ebola virus which is still taking more lives in West Africa as we speak. Find out how which other websites you can visit for free here.

An event we never want to miss out on, as you shouldn’t, is the Bongohive Insaka (#BHInsaka). Bringing together people from all backgrounds to discuss innovation and entrepreneurship, last week we had Esoko Networks CEO Mark Davies speaking about his journey from a start-up to a now-established company. You have to read this right here if you’re an entrepreneur.

Traveling to East Africa we zoomed in on Airtel Money there that telecoms companies in 4 countries so far, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, will now make the mobile money platform connected across those borders. Subscribers will be able to make payments/transactions between countries as long as it’s between one Airtel subscriber with a mobile money account to another. We expect that service to roll out in Zambia within a year as well. Find out more here.


It wasn’t all just tech news though, we even reviewed the latest Huawei Ascend Mate 7, and boy is Huawei rolling out the big guns. This latest phablet has a screen you need to see from, a front camera perfect for selfies, a fast processor and a very sexy look overall. Read the full review here. With their recent elevation to the Interbrand top 100 list as the first Chinese company among the Best Global Brands, they definitely are a brand to look out for on the gadget scene. Huawei may be coming your way.

Huawei Ascend Mate 7

Coming back to telecoms, MTN had halted their Mobile Money service to upgrade to a new platform that was completed on the 20th of October in order to add more value for their customers using the service. Amon Jere, MTN Zambia Chief Sales and Distribution Officer had said at a press briefing last week that “MTN Mobile Money is the answer to financial inclusion as it is the most affordable way to capture the unbanked population. The fact that it does not rely on brick and mortar banking but on MTN network availability means it is the most effective way to reach all corners of the nation,” and we agree with him. 

MTN was busy last week as it then went on to release the ‘Mobile Wheels’ promotion to its subscribers that gives them a chance to win one of 3 cars, the Hyundai Xcent. The instructions they put out last week are as follows:

They also have Honda bikes to give away for distributors and dealers so read more here to find out how to get your hands (and feet!) on one.

MTN still stole the limelight by partnering with Times of Zambia’s e-paper through which readers can download the paper on their gadget and pay for it using MTN mobile money so no more chasing paper to get your latest stories. Want to more? Click here.


Lastly tech giant Google launched their new email service called Inbox which promises  better email organisation so right now you can read about it here and then if you like what you see, send a request for an invitation to inbox@google.com and you will receive a reply that lets you know your request has been received and you will be alerted when the app is available for you. I’m still waiting on mine…


So that’s what happened last week, now to focus on this week. Happy reading!


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