Google has launched subscription service Google Play Pass

The subscription model is what seems to be working for many app developers and Google has jumped on the  bandwagon to launch Google Play Pass, a subscription service of the Play Store that allows users unlimited access to all types of games and apps as long as their subscription is active.

Launching in the US first, Shazia Makhdumi, Global Head of Play Pass Business Development said:

“We’re excited to announce the US launch of Google Play Pass, a new subscription service offering access to hundreds of apps and games, completely free of ads and in-app purchases. Play Pass provides subscribers with a high-quality, curated collection of titles–with new titles added frequently.

Being a part of Google Play Pass’s curated collection of apps and games can help you attract new users who may not have discovered your titles on their own. Subscribers can find your content either through the new “Play Pass” tab or by looking for the Play Pass “ticket” badge that indicates apps and games unlocked with Play Pass. And the more value subscribers find in your title, the more revenue you’ll earn on a recurring basis.

In addition, for a limited time, we’re offering a low introductory price for Play Pass subscribers so that even more users will subscribe and discover Play Pass content. Google is funding this launch offer so that you can benefit from subscriber interest without impacting the revenue you can earn.”

Google has also assured developers that the same APK that  used to distribute their apps/games in Google Play Store can be used for Play Pass with minimal tweaks, so they only need to update one version of it for all users.

“We’ll make sure your content is easily identifiable as part of Play Pass and enjoyed without interruptions, so you can stay focused on creating amazing experiences without compromise,” Shazia Makhdumi.

The best part of this service? No ads!!!

Get more information  on Google Play Pass and fill out this form to express interest in participating. It’s by invitation-only, but Google will keep adding to the developer pool.


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  • Really, I would really love to read their terms to see exactly how app developers will get their money. I have a feeling this will change alot of developer’s income structure. They say “a few tweaks” but we all know what that means. I am actually most curious about how they will handle in-app purchases as that is not primarily in their control.

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