MTN Zambia pushes for SME digital transformation.

With the world and businesses going digital today, it only makes sense even for small businesses to follow suit.

MTN Zambia has led the way for digital transformation for its clients and SMEs partnering with the network. Yesterday, MTN Enterprise Business unit too to the streets in Lusaka’s town centre to meet some of these SMEs in person. MTN had with them representatives from their legal, financial and Human Resources departments that were advising these SMEs on how to better manage their businesses.

Komba Malukutila, Head of MTN Enterprise Business Unit says, “The game is now changing, Zambian SMEs must adopt technology in order to gain a competitive edge in the emergence of digital transformation. The operating model of the business is necessary to accommodate to this fast-changing environment. Adopting a digitally operational system will ensure the SMEs focus their energy on gaining better insights on delivering greater customer service making scaling up their businesses easy.”

MTN has in the past supported the development of the SMEs through 2 main products:

1. Device loans – where small businesses can apply for and get a device to use in their operations and pay for it over a long period of time. These devices range from smart phones to tablets

2. Mobile Financial Services – where a small business can be made off of MTN Mobile Money as agents with he said.

Mr. Malukutila further said the new SME specific propositions are meant to address the barriers and constraints that SMEs face in fulfilling their business and connectivity requirements.

“We believe that SMEs are key drivers of the Zambian economy and therefore we would like to partner with them on this new and exciting Digital Journey. Today, progressive SMEs are making use of Digital platforms to scale their businesses and MTN Zambia has a number of products and services that enable them to run their business more efficiently. he said.


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