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Go Cardless with FNB eWallet


There is nothing worse than losing your card after receiving that cash transfer you so desperately needed. I know. I’ve been there. Luckily though, FNB eWallet allows  you to transfer money and withdraw it at any of their ATMs, cardlessly.

First you need to have an Airtel or MTN  cellphone number to make instant cash transfers. You don’t need to have an FNB account so no forms have to be filled, and you can use any type of cellphone. eWallet is brilliant because it is hassle free banking at its best. You don’t have to withdraw all your money at once so its good for saving purposes. If you’re an online shopping addict, you can buy goods using the Cell Pay Point. For a quick recharge, you can even buy prepaid airtime with it. Convenience is what it’s all about.

FNBeWallet (1)

To send money on FNB eWallet, you can choose one of 3 ways: cellphone banking; online banking; or ATM.

For cellphone banking, dial *130*321# and choose the “send money” option, key in the account you want the money to be transferred from, how much and also to what number you’re sending to.

For online banking, you need to log in to your FNB account  online and select the send money option under the Payments Tab. Type in your pin, select which account to transact from, enter the phone number you’re sending to and click “finish”.

For ATM transactions, insert your debit card, enter the pin, and select the send money option. Type in the amount and the number you’re sending to and then proceed by following the prompts. Take your card after the transaction and you’re done!

If you’re the one receiving money you dial *130*392# to access the eWallet. Type in a secret 5 digit pin, select the “withdraw” option, generate an ATM pin, and you will receive an sms on your cellphone with the pin you will use at an ATM. you then go to any FNB ATM, select the “cardless services” option, press on “eWallet”, type in your cellphone number and pin from the SMS you received and choose the amount to withdraw. Simple! Be sure to end transaction before you leave the ATM though.

Another simple way to access the FNB eWallet  is by downloading the FNB app on your device. It has very easy instructions.



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