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Empowering Women’s Financial Independence: A Digital Revolution

By Rutendo Nyamuda, Brand Communications Manager at Yellow Card 

African women are making great strides in breaking barriers and shaping the future. At the heart of this progress is the quest for financial independence in the digital age. This journey is powered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, which are playing a key role in empowering women and driving positive change.

In the tech and finance landscape, the world of cryptocurrency remains largely dominated by men. However, a positive shift is emerging as women gradually assert themselves in the blockchain and crypto space. According to research by Triple-A, about 37% of global crypto owners as of November 2022 were women.


Since women are said to be risk-averse, it is easy to assume that women are not interested in learning about or transacting with crypto at all. However, where finances are concerned, it is always a question of priority for women.

“If we think about it, men generally don’t need to worry about a family, they don’t need to worry about having kids so they can do what they want, so they would take more risks. But I think as women are coming more into their own and understanding themselves and their value and what they can add, they’re willing to take more risks,”  said Mandy Naidoo, Chief Compliance Officer at Yellow Card.

Closing the gender gap in finance and crypto is pivotal for various reasons. Notably, the presence of women in key roles as regulators and industry leaders could usher in a more balanced and inclusive approach to crypto engagement. 

Let’s explore a few ways in which Yellow Card is breaking down barriers for women across Africa, helping them achieve financial freedom in this digital revolution. 

Cryptocurrency Education

At the heart of economic empowerment lies financial literacy. As blockchain and cryptocurrency soar to prominence, a unique avenue emerges to bridge the gender gap in financial knowledge. The Yellow Card Academy is a great resource for women as it provides free personalised learning paths, streamlined articles on crypto, blockchain, web 3 and other financial literacy topics such as insurance, saving and budgeting. 

Understanding the nuances of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency empowers women to not only navigate this burgeoning realm but also seize control of their financial futures. 

Catalysing Women’s Empowerment in the Crypto Landscape

In the quest for women’s financial empowerment, Yellow Card stands as a beacon of progress, actively nurturing inclusivity and equality within the cryptocurrency sphere. With a global team exceeding 200 members spanning across 24 diverse nations, Yellow Card’s unwavering commitment extends not only to the African continent but also to the ethos of diversity and inclusion. Impressively, more than 95% of its dedicated workforce is rooted in Africa, and a notable 39% of them are women who play integral roles in shaping the company.

Earlier this year, through one of their many women-focused initiatives, the company was able to give 100 branded umbrellas to 100 POS operatives in Lagos (a demographic mostly made up of women) as well as teach them how to make their first USDT transaction. These women make up an important part of the Nigerian finance system as they facilitate thousands of transactions per day in rural and urban communities. This educational campaign will enable these women to experience new opportunities for seamless transactions using blockchain technology. 

In addition, the company has hosted and participated in numerous events and discussions focused on uplifting and educating women in the industry to provide valuable insights into the world of crypto. 

Charting a Bold Future

As we peer into the future of financial independence, blockchain technology emerges as a potent force reshaping narratives. Anticipating the developments and trends that lie ahead, we envision a world where women are architects of the digital economy. Beyond technology, this revolution embodies a movement towards equality, inclusivity, and self-determination. The same values that have motivated so many South African women to initiate stokvels (savings circles) in order to provide easier access to funds for their communities.

As Dame Graça Machel famously stated, “Africa’s socio-economic transformation will only be realised once we aggressively address gender-specific challenges, prioritise gender equality and women’s participation, and firmly entrench women in leadership positions at all levels in society”. 

Imagine a realm where women, armed with blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge, steer their financial journeys with purpose. This vision is no longer a distant reverie but an attainable reality. By embracing the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency, we construct a foundation where financial independence knows no bounds.

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