Digital mag Utuntu Zamgazine launches

The Utuntu Zamgazine has officially pre-launched in Zambia. It’s a digital lifestyle magazine covering relationships, food, social issues, health, etc. Find it here https://utuntuzamgazine.com/

It has a segment called faces that invites anyone to send over their fave selfie and if published they get paid K50.

It also has an advertising segment where businesses can place ads and expand their reach on the internet. Great for SEO, if you ask me.

Single? They have a match-making segment to help you find the ONE. *signs up*

‘Persons of Interest’ is a segment that features Zambians that inspire others, they get to share their stories.

Natasha Chikopa, Managing Editor of Utuntu Zamgazine said “It is my great pleasure and honor to be a part of this magazine . I wish to extend my thanks to everyone involved and everyone who came to the pre-launch. We want to have fun contributing to the Zambian lifestyle.”

If you have an interesting story you know the Zamgazine would love to feature, you can send those to utuntuzamgazine@gmail.com or message Natasha on 0962484132. Payments are dependent on the type of story.


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