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Bus Tickets Zambia, PostDotNet and Zamtel enter ticketing partnership

Honorable Vincent Mwale (Minister of Youth and Sports) and Honorable Margaret Mwanakatwe (Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry) testing the online bus ticketing system. (Image Source: Zamtel)

We covered the story on Dot Com’s Bus Tickets Zambia initiative origins last year in July (click here if you did not read that) and now Mawanu Kambeu, Managing Director of DotCom Zambia is proving how entrepreneurs can find success in the goals they set to achieve a particular purpose.

The Bus Tickets Zambia service is an online platform that aims to improve efficiency in the transport sector by allowing passenger to make reservations and pay for bus tickets for partner fleets like Power Tools, FM Travellers and Kobs Transporters. Passengers can make payment using Airtel Money, PostDotNet, Zoona, and others.

This week the e-commerce business Bus Tickets Zambia (www.busticketszambia.com) partnered with PostDotNet and Zamtel to launch this super convenient and time-saving mode of purchasing bus tickets, and held a promotion days before the day of launching it that enabled passengers to pay insanely cheap prices for their tickets, as low as K20, if they were travelling on the launch day itself using its partner bus operators.

Present at the event were Honorable Vincent Mwale, who is Minister of Youth and Sports, and Honorable Margaret Mwanakatwe, Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, and they both agreed with Mawanu that the improvement of transport sector does not solely mean building new roads, repairing aging infrastructure or acquiring fast moving buses, but also introducing efficient and effective opportunities to delivering better customer services.

The partnership with PostDotNet means that travelers can buy their bus tickets at any PostDotNet outlets without having to go to the Intercity Bus Terminus in Lusaka. If you live outside Lusaka, you can relax as well because under the agreement, access to Bus Tickets Zambia will roll out across 15 PostDotNet and Zamtel locations around Lusaka and will soon expand outside the capital city.

Mawanu Kambeu, Managing Director of DotCom Bus Tickets Zambia (Image Source: Zamtel)

Speaking in Lusaka at the partnership ceremony, Mawanu Kambeu, DotCom Zambia Managing Director said that the coming of this initiative means a lot to customers as the convenience of purchasing bus tickets will be eased by a wide ticketing network in a safe, accessible and convenient environment.

He added that besides accessing the tickets from PostDotNet and Zamtel outlets, the service is time-saving ascustomers are able to instantly purchase tickets online by visiting the official Bus Tickets Zambia website here.

“We’ve been working closely with bus operators over the last twelve months and we’re happy to continue on this partnership with them in providing value added services to their customers,” he added.

The partnership between Bus Tickets Zambia and PostDotNet is a commercial project that will eventually move into online shopping, where the general public can “browse, click, pay and collect” for their goods from local and international stores. eCommerce is definitely the next big thing.

Have you bought a ticket with Bus Tickets yet (www.busticketszambia.com) and what was your experience? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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    As a practising eCommerce expert I would like to know more on the following:
    1 how secure is the system e.g. Paying with credit card given the numerous security threats to eCommerce site
    2, Data protection – what happens to the data you collect about users of the eCommerce site. What are the remedies for data breaches as for example happened to eBay?
    3. Privacy issues – how are these addressed

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