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BlackBerry World App turns 5!


Happy 5th Birthday BlackBerry World application, and to all the BlackBerry users Happy 5 Free Games!

Starting yesterday ,to celebrate it’s 5th World app birthday, BlackBerry has decided to give its users 5 free premium gaming apps if you have BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry 7 OS on your device.

Get gaming!
Get gaming!

So you can now open up your BlackBerry World app, and get yourself a treat right now. The premium apps that have been made free are:

BlackBerry 10 apps

  • Tilt
  • Scan to Text
  • InstaVenue
  • Uno
  • Doodle Jump

BlackBerry 7 OS apps

  • Iron Man 3
  • Uno & Friends
  • ColorID
  • Photo Studio Pro
  • Keep Calm-o-matic Theme

When you open your banner just check for the header written “Birthday Gifts” and you can splurge on 5 games from there.

However this promotion will only run up to the 4th of April so do it fast. By the way, it may only reflect on your device in a period of  24 hours so the earlier you get your apps the better.

We think it’s a great way to make users feel special and what better time than a birthday right? Even though some of us wouldn’t mind a slice of actual Blackberry cake. They are really trying to stay in the game and freebies are a sure way to go so BlackBerry gets a thumbs up from us on this one.


bbBoth Google Plus and Android had done a similar promotion on their app stores recently but who’s counting that BlackBerry may have taken a leaf out of their book? It’s a birthday party come on! Get those games ASAP!


Picture courtesy of PhoneDog, ZubbyGeneral


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