Press Release: Zoona’s price slashes take effect

Exciting new prices by Zoona, Zambia’s leading mobile money provider, come into effect today. Now consumers can send more for less. The new prices announced recently in Lusaka by Chief Marketing Officer Mrs Lelemba Phiri, following wide consultation with customers and stakeholders in the country.

Zoona’s new prices feature cuts of between 13% and 60% – particularly in the prices for sending lower amounts. For example, customers can now send money for as little at K2 for the money transfers of up to K30. Zoona has also confirmed that receiving money through its system will remain free of charge.

“This is not the first time that we have adapted prices, we have done this before as we are committed to bringing quality, yet fairly priced financial services to all Zambians. In this difficult time when prices are going up, Zoona understands the challenges faced by our consumers. We value the advice we get, as well as guidance from our partners at the Bank of Zambia and Ministry of Finance,” said Mrs Phiri.

Lelemba Phiri CMO Zoona announces price changes

Chief Executive Officer Mike Quinn added,

“We have outlets in 91 Zambian towns across 10 provinces, and as a company we must emphasise that the new pricing does not affect our current agent commissions nor will teller jobs be negatively affected as we continue to help communities thrive.”

Mr Quinn is currently on a tour of the country living with agents and interacting with consumers to understand them better and how Zoona can best serve them. At a recent Zoona Stakeholder dinner Finance Minister Felix Mutati commended Zoona for its community based approach by ensuring that it was not just a profit-driven company but also keen on supporting Government’s efforts to transform communities.

Zoona has expanded its operations in the last seven years, into Malawi and Mozambique. More than 2000 Agents, own and manage the blue and green kiosks, found in almost every corner of the country, including rural areas. In addition to money transfers, the company has a strong policy on giving back to the community through various empowerment programmes which enable women and budding entrepreneurs to start up and run their own business.

“Zoona is committed to Zambia, our first and largest market. Our agents all of whom are emerging entrepreneurs in their own right, are delivering a valuable service to their communities by providing jobs, and helping people send and receive money when they need to most. The new and improved price structure was adapted to further accommodate the amounts that consumers send the most,” concludes Mrs Phiri.

(Source: Zoona)