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When BlackBerry Tweets From an iPhone!

Tweeting with the enemy!


Someone may have just gotten their pink slip at BlackBerry after one of their tweets from their official account popped up on our timeline that was posted from an iPhone, their competitor Apple’s line of phones. First reported by The Verge, this story has raised questions about BlackBerry itself.

Why use the competitions phone for your work duties like tweeting? It makes it seem like BlackBerry doesn’t even use its own products. How do they expect to sell to the rest of the world then?

The tweet was about the recently launched BlackBerry Classic and how you can ‘keep up the conversation on Twitter’ using it and we think the phone itself is an  upgrade from the phones they’ve had and it is receiving great reviews so why not use it?

Will this not affect the perceptions of potential buyers who may think the BlackBerry Classic still doesn’t beat an iPhone if BlackBerry’s own employees are using iPhones to talk about it?

It’s obviously an honest mistake and we don’t mind BlackBerry employees using iPhones in private, but not for social media purposes where most sites show what phone is being used to update statuses or tweet.

The “Twitter for iPhone” message could be seen if a user was Twitter on Tweetdeck, Tweetbot, Ubersocial and most third party apps, as if “Twitter for BlackBerry” doesn’t exist!

If you think this is a small issue, think again. This story has made headlines on some of the world’s biggest sites like Business Insider, Washington Post, Yahoo and Mashable.

It does not look great for business at all. Hopefully this will not have a huge effect on its sales of the BlackBerry Classic.

The tweet has since been deleted but not before (thank God for) screenshots had been taken.

Lesson learned: Do not tweet from the competition’s smartphone.

Image Credit: The Verge


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