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What are the best Android apps for logo design?

Creating a worthy logo is one of the main jobs every beginner business person must finish. A logo is a front image that fulfills emotional and informative roles. It highlights the impressions and importance you share with people. It also defines your company and underlines its powers. Well, a business logo should be designed in such a way that looks stunning in the eyes of the client, and this design can be done by using Apps!

In today’s content, we will learn about the best Android logo maker apps and their values. So, read on to know more!

The Best Logo maker Apps of 2020

Logo Makers apps are the best platforms that can design your logos in minutes! Well, here we want to make clear that there exist thousands of logo maker software on the web today, but the point is, not all of them are convenient. That’s why we made big research and shortlisted some of the top picks for the year 2020. If you are curious to learn, then read along!

Below Listed apps are best for Android devices:-

  • Logo Maker-Free Graphic Design and Logo Templates
  • Logo Maker Plus.
  • Logo Maker by Universal App Centers.
  • Canva.
  • Palate.

Now, it’s time to discuss each of them in detail. Are you geared up? If yes, then let’s go! 

  • Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design and Logo Templates

Whether you need a Logo for a website, blogs, business, brands, YouTube channels, banners, social media profiles, or for anything else, this App can help you! It is an amazing app that stands 1st on the app-list today. This free logo maker software can easily beat any kind of paid App or tool. Simply because of its outstanding features and smart techniques. 

This logo generator offers its users a bunch of templates, categories, themes, icons, fonts styles, overlays, backgrounds, images, and much more. It can also be used to make business cards, flyers, invitations, YouTube banners or thumbnails, monograms, etc. This App also suggests ideas while designing; these suggestions help people who are unfamiliar with logo makers. 

Just follow five steps to use this amazing App:

  • Firstly, Download the LogoMaker app by Content Arcade Apps.
  • Now open up, and select your desired category.
  • After that customize or choose ready-made.
  • Select the format.
  • Click on the Save button. Simple!
  • Logo Maker Plus

It is another trusted and popular logo designer! Logo Maker Plus is a good app that focuses on creating fancy logos for free. It is a pro app that has a lot of elements. These elements are so unique and pretty that will insist you to generate more than one logo. Its multi-functional technology enables you to add multiple effects that are eye-catching. There is no need to spend extra time on lengthy procedures because it is one click method App. Moreover, it is fast and easy to use.

  • Logo Maker by Universal Apps Center

It is another amazing app that is developed by the Universal App Center. This App contains a lot of ready-made stylish and fancy logos that will constantly attract your eyes, and in the end, it becomes important for you to download it. It is a reliable app that doesn’t compromise on the logo’s quality. This App will enable you to customize your logo on your own by using its stylish icons, backgrounds, themes, fonts, templates, and much more. Moreover, this App is 100% secured, handy, convenient, fast, free, and superb!

  • Canva

It is another app that allows you to generate stunning logos for free in seconds. It is a handy app that is fast and easy to use. This App offers two basic things 1st – A blank Canvas. 2nd– Ready-Made logos. The blank canvas of Canvas enables you to create a logo with a plain base; Whereas Ready-Made logos are available on this App, from there, you can download or customize on your own. It also has a high variety of themes, icons, colored, and transparent backgrounds, images, overlays, templates, and much more. Moreover, you can also select different formats while saving the logo. 

  • Palate

It is another interesting app that has stolen the hearts of its users in a very short time. Well, there is no doubt, this App contains a lot of time-saving and money-saving features. Palate allows you to add stock photos from their images collection. These Stock photos are taken from Unsplash, pixabay, pixels, and more. It is a cool app that designs cool logos. Moreover, it works on simple methods: just download, select, or customize, and save it. Simple!


We hope after reading this short article, you will be able to understand why, and which App is best for Android devices. So, what are you wondering about? If you haven’t tried logo maker apps yet, then this is the right time to give them a try!