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Press Release: Huawei GR5 and GR3 now on the Zambian market

Huawei GR3
Huawei GR3

Huawei Consumer Business Group has announced the arrival of its Huawei GR5 and GR3 on the Zambian market. Packaged in an attractive metallic body with impressive specs, the G-series is a range of devices tailored to provide a premium smart experience for the youth – connecting the right person to the right device. The Huawei G-Series has leapfrogged the smartphones in its range with its latest offering of the GR5 and GR3.

It would not be a Huawei without its world class cameras that its consumers have gotten accustomed to. The smart light sensor detects changes in light while the Apical Assertive Display automatically creates dynamic adjustment. The Huawei GR5 allows its users to see the world in full detail.

In addition to its impeccable camera functionality, the GR5 is also equipped with powerful fingerprint identification capabilities that create a human-like smartphone. Enhancing usability through a deeper understanding of smartphone user’s common needs and pain points.

The Huawei GR5 has the additional claim of being the most affordable device with the new second generation fingerprint identification technology – introducing this flagship technology to our middle-market consumer. Peter Hu, Managing Director of East and Southern Africa, Huawei Consumer Business Group said:

 “This brand new second generation of the fingerprint identification technology has greatly improved the fingerprint recognition rate from the first generation, making it smarter, safer and quicker. Through fingerprint touching, the notification panel can be conveniently pulled down for practical use.”

The Huawei GR5 is not only beautifully designed, it also comes with a powerful 3000mAh battery with a shortened charge period. Now one can do more and with less time wasted, making the Huawei GR5 a perfect companion.

In addition to the GR5, the Huawei GR3 is an upgrade from its first smartphone into the world of metal in a slim aluminium body. The GR3 features outstanding imaging functionality and advanced photographic functions. Giving the user the power to capture life’s moments.

Hu concluded:  “The Huawei GR3 meets the modern generation’s demand for every moment as active as they are. The GR3 is encased in an elegant frame, inlaid in an aluminium alloy unibody, finished with a ceramic-sand-blasting process, making the Huawei GR3 a true piece of fashionable art.”


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  • Looks fancy. You guys should review the HTC 10. Massive and Epic phone!

    • HTC 10 by TechTrends. Looking to get our hands on what seems to the Android phone of the year…it is my bucket list.

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