Airtel Zambia Launches ‘Mega Value Packs’ Phone Deals

Apparently, on the same night MTN Zambia launched Cloud Services, Airtel Zambia also launched high-value customer price plans at the Radisson. The Premier Packs, as they are called, are available on a USSD menu by dialing *434# for purchase with own account airtime.

premier-packsThe on-net and off-net minutes, SMSes, and data bundles will go at the following discounted prices, as a check this morning shows:

  1. K750 & Save K885
  2. K1000 & Save K1145
  3. K2000 & Save K2400

The entire package, internal sources tell us, comes with a mid-value to high-end phone, customers can choose from the leading brands on the market such as Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry, and Motorolla to mention a few.  Other services they would also like to throw at this segment include value-added services such as Airtel One Network and prepaid roaming (which is highly marketed towards the jet-setting high-spenders on the network who are mostly cross-border traders, multi-national operations employees, and frequent travellers).

Speaking at the event, Charity Lumpa, the Managing Director, reiterated that the operator has a “world class”  3.75G network and they are providing their high value customers with “an array of exciting , innovative products and services that meet their needs.”

In attendance at the event was the new Chief Commercial Officer, Alok Verma, whom we assume will now take the lead in running such Initiatives for the operator. Former Zambia first lady Maureen Mwanawasa, was also at the event and spoke as a guest. She was there in her capacity as the chairperson of Zambia Institute of Customer Management.

Source: Times of Zambia, Business News, Friday November 29, 2013 /Judith Namutowe.

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