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Facebook improves facial recognition to help you find your untagged photos & videos

Facebook has share that it will use facial recognition to help its users do more than just tag their friends but also to:

  • find photos and videos that they were not tagged in
  • find people using your photos and videos without your permission (think the CatFish TV show)
  • help the visually impaired know who is in your photos and videos by telling them

To activate this feature go to your Settings and click on Facial Recognition. Facebook will then ask you a few questions that allow you give it certain permission in-app on whether you want to recognized in photos and videos you appear in.

Facebook says:

‘To figure out if you’re in a photo or video, our system compares it with an analysis of photos and videos, such as your profile picture and photos and videos that you’re tagged in. You can turn the setting on or off at any time, which will also apply to any features we add later.’

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  1. More like knowing how I look every single day!

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