What Airtel Zambia’s Airtel Money ‘Shuwa Shuwa’ promotion is about

(Image Source: Airtel Zambia's Facebook page)

Airtel Money brand ambassador Kenneth Maduma (Image Source: Airtel Zambia’s Facebook page)

Recently re-positioning their mobile money platform and announcing veteran broadcaster Kenneth Maduma as its brand ambassador, Airtel has introduced the Shuwa Shuwa guarantee on Airtel Money for its clients’ benefit.

Shuwa Shuwa, vernacular slang for ‘sure sure‘ is an offer from airtel who say “it is about the power of a kept promise, it is a service guarantee that assures customers availability of float (money) whenever they visit a Shuwa Shuwa branded booth or outlet,” according to their website. 

They have also slashed the withdrawal fees and transfer amounts to MTN, ZAMTEL & non-registered Airtel clients by 50% for the next 3 months, considering that people are currently going through hard times financially at the moment. One word: DOLLAR!

According to an emailed statement from Airtel itself, ‘this is a deliberate effort to rebuild trust and make sure [their] service becomes the most reliable money transfer service in the country’.

Other offers under Airtel Money that are also running are :

  • a 5MB bundle that is valid for one day if you send between K1 and K5000 to another person. (5MB? To send a whatsapp message maybe…). It would be much more appropriate to give back in proportion to what’s being sent, more data for higher amounts sent.
  • 25% bonus airtime when a subscriber buys airtime for him/herself using Airtel Money between the value K1 and K5000. The bonus airtime can however only be used for on-net voice calls or SMSes. Bummer! Oh and it expires at midnight.



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