Shoprite Money Transfer? Yes Sir!

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“I’m going to send money”




Yes. True story. Now you can transfer your money through any Shoprite branch by means of Shoprite Money Transfer, thanks to its association with Stanbic Bank. All you have to do is go with your ID and the money you want to transfer to any Shoprite Branch and talk to a cashier. The cashier will then charge you K5.99 for the transfer.

You will then have to enter a private 4 digit pin and the cashier will give you a receipt with a  transfer reference number and just like that you’re all done!

Very easy, right? So should you use it? Yes. Here’s why.

First it’s fast. Transfers take less than 5 minutes and you can send from any Shoprite store. The Shoprite Money Transfer is also safe because you choose your own secret pin. Do not let anybody else enter a pin for you.

Another pro of using the service is that you only spend K5.99 to transfer any amount of money up to K5000. Then you can continue happily shopping if you want.

If you’re the recipient of the money. Collection is free from any Shoprite store. All you have to do is carry a valid ID and give the cashier the transfer reference number. Then enter the secret pin which the sender should have sent you. You get your money straight away.

Everything has cons though and one is that you’re only allowed to send a maximum of K5000 per day and a maximum limit of K25000 a month so you can use it conveniently for small amounts. The other disadvantage is that you will have to find a Shoprite location in order to withdraw the money. Unfortunately, this could be a hassle for those who live in an area with only one Shoprite location.

The Rules...
The Rules…

Remember to carry a photocopy of your valid ID the first time you use the Shoprite Money Transfer service.


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