Where is MTN CMO Manu Rajan?

Source: Manu Rajan on LinkedIn
Source: Manu Rajan on LinkedIn

The MTN list of directors is missing one person, its (now former) Chief Marketing Officer, Manu Rajan pictured above:

Screenshot (12)
Current list of MTN Zambia Directors

We called Manu (who still maintains his MTN line) and he said he can not talk about it, referring us to the MTN Public Relations department.

Something is definitely up here. A credible source has only stated that he is no longer with MTN. The 1st ethics statement MTN Zambia has is ‘maintaining a reputation of honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, integrity, trust and sound business judgment’, so we’d like to get an honest response on why the top marketing guy has been given the boot or left the company:

So we asked MTN’s PR department and they have responded, saying:

“We would like to inform you that the Chief Marketing Officer, Manu Rajan left MTN Zambia this month. To ensure business continuity and daily coordination, Dominic Bwalya has been running the marketing function until further notice.”

Not much detail there but that’s all we got. We wish Manu well, seemed like a good guy.

Is this the beginning of restructuring at MTN and will we see more changes? Find out on the next Techtrends Z blog about this 🙂


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