About Zamtel’s new ‘Chimuntunta’ promotion

Zamtel recently launched a Chimuntunta campaign that offers free browsing and free calls between 22:00hrs and 06:00hrs every day. The offer is available to customers with valid subscription to Chabeba and All-Network Offers on the Zamtel network.

Zamtel Senior Marketing Manager Chibeza Ngoma said the campaign is another platform through which the company is rewarding its loyal customers.

“As Zamtel, we fully understand that the customer is key and we will continue to provide exciting packages that reward their loyalty. The Chimutunta campaign is about creating the right energy and the heartbeat to keep the people and businesses moving,” Mr Ngoma said.

Chimutunta in iciBemba translates to ‘heart-beat‘ and Zamtel clearly expect hearts to race when it’s almost 22:00hrs for the freebie.

The mobile operator is making this offer available especially to student that study at night and have to obviously browse the internet for research purposes.

Under the Chimutunta promotion, a customer must have subscribed to any of the following qualifying offers between 06:00hrs and 22:00 Hrs to benefit from the unlimited on-net night calling and browsing. Zamtel has confirmed that both calls and browsing are UNLIMITED. Internet speed is what you should worry about though…

As you can see K3 is the minimum amount of buying either one of the package s, and the Chimuntunta on that package is valid from 22:00hrs from the date you buy your package up to 06:00hrs. Dial *422# to see the offers.

“Free browsing will take effect between 22:00hrs and 06:00hrs and apply to numbers that are active on the packages defined in the offer. All calling and browsing outside the said window will be billed from available bundles/wallets, including main account,” he concluded.


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  • This is a great one I hope that it is as beneficial as it should be unlike the situation were you cant even download a pic due to slow Internet network speed.

  • We really enjoy zamtel services as a family, especially that it is the innovator and initiator of cheap services, while other follow because of nature of similes.

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