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Twitter changes its Windows 10 appearance

Twitter announced it’s updating the way it appears on its Windows desktop version. As you can see things have been shifted around a bit.

The old version looks like this:

Old Twitter view on web

The new version will look like this:

The differences are that the ‘Who to Follow’ and ‘Trending Now’ tabs are on the same side on your right, than before where the trending tab was to the left. The section that shows your handle, number of tweets, people you’re following and are following you has been removed, and now you’ll access that by clicking on the  drop-down menu arrow next to your profile picture.

New features will include:

  •  Extended character limit to 280 characters
  • Explore tab to find topics relevant to your interests
  • Ability to bookmark Tweets to be read later

To see the new version you have to update your Windows 10 update as the site has been optimized for that version.

Twitter shared:

“This release represents a renewed commitment to Windows that has been long overdue and is part of a longer-term strategy to reach greater feature parity to all of our platforms. We wanted to make sure the app represented a modern Twitter experience, while taking advantage of unique Windows features, like support for Windows native APIs such as share integration, pinned tiles, jump links, and more. We want to continue providing our Microsoft users with the latest and greatest, and will be adding additional features like night mode, in the coming weeks and months.

We encourage everyone to update the Windows app as soon as you update your OS as previous versions will no longer be available for download starting today and no longer supported starting June 1st.  If you’re running Windows 8.1 or below, you can access the latest update by updating to Windows 10 or through twitter.com in your browser to continue enjoying the full Twitter experience.”


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