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Infinix smartphones to debut in Zambia

Infinix Hot S (Credit: Infinix)
Infinix Hot S
(Credit: Infinix)

It is the era of smartphones, and Zambia is no new client of these, as it actively adds to the sales of mobile players such as BlackBerry, Samsung and Huawei. Now, we have another player underway, Infinix Mobility, manufacturers of the Infinix brand of phones.

Infinix was started in 2013 in Hong Kong, China, designed in France, and now has presence all around the world, according to this map they shared with us:

Screenshot (40)

What smartphones do they offer?

They have the Zero, Note, Hot and Hot S range of smartphones, but are yet to confirm which ones will launch in Zambia. Here is a quick look at the 4 ranges and who they are targeted at:

Image: Infinix
Image: Infinix

More details will be shared about pricing and availability of models as soon as possible.



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  • Seems they are good phones.The specs on their website suggest so. I need to try one,the price is right.

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