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A review of the new ZedArts app

Zambia’s just gotten to have some more local content added to the interwebs with the ZedArts app, which has been described in the Google PlayStore as:

A Zambian Music streaming and downloading app and store that consists of only Zambian music.

Here’s a quick look at it:

After downloading it you have to agree to the app’s Ts &Cs and then move on to create an account using your email and a password.

You will get 1 month’s free trial upon sign up, then $5 (or Kwacha equivalent) after. The app’s interface is very simple and easy to use. It’s home page has 3 main lists:

  • “Top Charts”
  • “Artist” (for their profiles)
  • “Release Songs” (for the newest releases).
How do artists make money from the app?
Artists make their money off music streams, out of 10 000 streams (paid subscribers) they make K100.
I asked founder of ZedArts Bwalya Nkumbula what her inspiration for creating the app was, and who else is on her team:
“Mainly its always been the love for Zambian music.. there are hardly platforms that showcase only Zambian music, good Zambian music to be exact. Also in the country, most artists only make money off shows and thats not enough to sustain a full time artist. To allow them to have extra income, we provided a platform thats going to help them sale their content digitally through the store on the app and through streams.
Unlike most digital music stores, we only want and focus on Zambian music, which makes it easy for the artist to make some sort of revenue off their content and also we fight piracy i.e for someone to access music released by the artist, they should either pay for it or use the app to listen to the music.
The App is by the Zed Arts company so initially the team consists of myself, the founder/owner and Michael Chuba, the developer. I’m mainly doing this project with Michael and the help of the rest of the ZedArts team, who are Natasha Chansa, Angela Chilufya and Musonda Bwalya.”

I’m all about seeing women in tech, and seeing one being so ingenious with a business strategy like this, like, just take my money!

Download and check out the app here for Android and their website too here.


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