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Viannect: Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Audience

Viannect is a premier communications and branding firm established in 2019 to help businesses better define themselves and reach their target audience. Viannect believes in the power of conversation; their model is centred around having sit-downs with all key stakeholders of the company and clearly defining “who” the company is. Viannect stands behind business owners fully understanding their business first before embarking on branding initiatives or marketing and communication campaigns. Viannect, we understand that branding goes beyond graphic design, and marketing requires more than well-done posters.

Viannect founder Chipo Mabuti explained what triggered the birth of Viannect, “We realised very early on that many people think branding is having a cool logo and finding someone to make really good posters that stand out and have social media captions that follow trends. We would have meetings with clients and notice that they had an end goal of making money with their business but couldn’t really define the business and who their patrons were. Therefore we would have to break different concepts for them to know who their business is, who it appeals to and how they can reach them. Ultimately our mission is to change the landscape of how businesses communicate and portray their brands.” 

To achieve this mission, Viannect offers comprehensive communication and branding services that include brand communication, social media and various other strategies. Lastly, they also offer graphics, brand guidelines and developing company profile services. Their core values include open communication, teamwork, creativity, honesty, integrity, hard work, and commitment.

The Evolution of Viannect

Priorly named Connect, Viannect has undergone a transformation to ensure that they offer comprehensive communication and branding services. “Initially, we were primarily a graphic design firm. However, we realized that many clients did not understand their brand and only wanted eye-catching posters. This led to the transformation of Connect to Viannect.” Mr Mabuti explained.

Symbols and Meanings

The Viannect logo has several symbols and meanings that represent our values and mission. The bridge symbolizes connecting your business to your audience, while the lines represent the different elements needed to convey your message and build your brand’s strategy. The motto encompasses everything that Viannect strives to do, which is making a meaningful connection between your brand and your target audience.

Get in Touch 

If you want to better define your business and reach your target audience, feel free to connect with us via email at cmabuti@outlook.com or phone at +260 976 093 502. We aim to help you bridge the gap between you and your audience.