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MTN Mobile Money Support To Drought Relief Efforts

MTN Mobile Money has announced a comprehensive response to the ongoing drought crisis, aiming to streamline the delivery of humanitarian aid to affected communities. 

New “Salary Wallet” Feature Eliminates  Withdrawal Fees for Aid Recipients 

In a statement released today, MTN Mobile Money  Managing Director, Komba Malukutila, unveiled the “Salary Wallet,” a new platform feature that allows beneficiaries of humanitarian aid to receive and withdraw funds free of charge. 

“We’ve collaborated with aid agencies, the government, and the United Nations for years to deliver mobile money solutions in remote areas,”  Malukutila explained. “One recurring question  from beneficiaries has been ‘nanga yo chosela’  (what about the withdrawal fee)?” 

He acknowledged the seemingly minor fee could significantly impact recipients, potentially denying them a crucial meal. “The Salary Wallet ensures donors can be confident their full contribution reaches those in need. It could make a difference between a meal for a young child and going to bed hungry” Malukutila emphasized. 

MTN Mobile Money: A Vital Channel for Timely and  Effective Aid Delivery 

Malukutila commended existing partners utilizing mobile money for relief efforts and highlighted ongoing collaborations with the Zambian government for social cash transfer distribution,  the Zambia Red Cross Society, and UN agencies. 

“Traditional aid distribution methods involving procuring and physically transporting necessities can be logistically challenging and time-consuming,” Malukutila pointed out. “Mobile money offers a swift and efficient channel to deliver support even in remote areas. It also  empowers recipients with choice, allowing them to  purchase what they truly need.” 

Expanding Rural Connectivity and Introducing  the “Ubuntu Bundle” for Communication 

Recognizing the critical role of communication during a crisis, MTN announced an ambitious expansion program to enhance mobile network coverage in rural Zambia. 

“We have ensured comprehensive coverage in urban areas to support economic growth,”  Malukutila stated. “Now, we are allocating significant resources to expand our reach in rural  Zambia. Connecting people unlocks a world of  possibilities, and we are committed to making that  a reality for all Zambians.” 

He added, “Our assessment revealed most drought-affected areas lie in rural Zambia.  Strengthening connectivity facilitates  communication between families and friends,  ensuring they can easily receive support.” 

Furthermore, MTN unveiled the “Ubuntu Bundle,” a special offer providing airtime and data at a reduced cost to those receiving humanitarian aid. 

“During times of hardship, business as usual is unacceptable,” Malukutila concluded. “We understand the need for our customers who rely on aid to have affordable communication solutions. The Ubuntu Bundle is our gift to them,  offered in the spirit of Ubuntu (humanity towards  others).” 

MTN Mobile Money’s initiatives demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting Zambians during the drought crisis by streamlining aid delivery, empowering recipients, and fostering communication. 

Source: MTN Fintech

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