The 10 benefits of mobile internet access

mobile internet

These are the 10 benefits of mobile internet access anywhere in the world compiled by the Internet Society:

  1. Entrepreneurs have created billion dollar opportunities developing and selling apps worldwide
  2. Users’ livelihoods can be enhanced as farmers, fishers, and others use apps to increase their output and earnings.
  3. Opportunities abound for general education, and to help learn a trade through the mobile Internet.
  4. Users with disabilities can rely on mobile services to communicate, work, and shop, among other activities.
  5. Governments are increasingly using the mobile Internet to communicate with their citizens and make information available.
  6. A variety of mobile healthcare applications are emerging for users to track their own fitness or enable remote diagnostics.
  7. Smart devices can be used to send automatic alerts when the user’s personal security is in danger.
  8. As with many new electronic devices, the mobile Internet is used for entertainment, including watching videos and playing games.
  9. The sensors in smart devices, including not just location, but also barometers, accelerometers, and others, enable them to be a part of the emerging Internet of Things.
  10. Governments are beginning to use mobile networks to create smart cities that deliver infrastructure and communications more efficiently.

Which ones do you agree with the most?



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2 thoughts on “The 10 benefits of mobile internet access

  • Abigail Banda

    I mostly agree with the fitness and health one because it definitely worked for me, those apps are amazing. And also that people with disabilities are benefiting from it as well, i like it when things are looking up for everyone without having to stress. 🙂

  • Patrick Mubyana

    I must say all the ten points are really vital and making a lot of sense in the e world now, but the most of all is Smart devices been used to send automatic alerts when the user’s personal security is in danger. Keep it up. Am inspired. Thanks.

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