28th September 2020

ZESCO launches customer service mobile app

ZESCO Limited has launched a mobile application aimed at improving service delivery by allowing customers to easily and quickly access information and get real time responses on services.

The app which has been developed internally by ZESCO is focused on allowing customers access services through their mobile phones at their convenience at the click of a button. During the COVID-19 epidemic, the app comes in handy to meet the requirements for electronic engagement in order to maintain social distances.

“The mobile app will be implemented in two phases and will not only reduce crowding in the walk-in customer centers, but also decongest calls to the National Call Centre. And this will promote real time responses to customer challenges,” said Hazel Zulu, ZESCO Public Relations Manager.

The app will among other things, help customers to report faults and generate complaint numbers, allow checking of prepaid meter tokens in the event of misplacement of receipts, help in locating and identifying customer service centers within customers’ locations, track your new power connection/application status and access information on new connection requirements.

The mobile solution will require customers to download and install the application on their smart phones from distribution platforms such as the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

“We are excited about this app as it makes our mission of ‘making it easy for people to live a better life’ a reality”, said Zulu.

Source: ZESCO

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