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Zaplaces is Connecting People to Places

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If you want to know places close to you for hanging out then Zaplaces is the app for you to download. The free app was created by Venivi Limited, the same company behind Zhappening. Zaplaces is available for download from the Google Play Store and App Store for iOS, it can also be accessed on Windows and BlackBerry devices. Zaplaces is essentially an app which allows you to see places near you which you can visit. The app can direct you via GPS to any location you want to go powered by Google Maps.

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Alternatively, it acts as a business directory where businesses can have their contact details listed on the app. Because many business contacts are hard to find, Zaplaces is an ideal one-stop-shop to find everything you’re looking for without leaving your home first. The app has got a great feature which allows you to tap and make a call to the business directly. This saves time of having to copy down the phone number and calling later.

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Zaplaces main menu

A bit similar to the app Foursquare, Zaplaces has a community section where users can chat about places they’ve been to, share images and check-in. You can log into Facebook or Twitter to participate in the community. On the other hand, the main purpose of Foursquare is so that people can keep up and meet up with friends on-the-go. Foursquare allows you to see what a place is notable for- is it trendy, romantic, or a great value? But maybe Zaplaces is still too new for that but perhaps may later develop into a great recommendation tool depending on user interactions.

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Places Category on Zaplaces

Businesses can take advantage of the app by showcasing themselves across the web and mobile platforms as well as be discovered by potential customers. Zaplaces is free for all NGOs, education institutions, religious institutions, health institutions and wildlife places. Whereas any other business would have to pay K200 per month to be listed or a mere K2000 per year. The annual fee includes a 2 month discount. Once your business is listed, then you get a complimentary sticker from Zaplaces letting everybody who visits your location know that your contact details are accessible on the app.

Many businesses are yet to be listed on Zaplaces but there is a considerable number of them already on the app from Lusaka. Blackberry and Windows users can go to app.zaplaces.com for exclusive access to app.

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