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Wiz LTE by Microlink to launch in Lusaka by mid-February

John Taylor, the CEO of Microlink Technologies Ltd. Zambia, today announced that the company expects to launch WIZ LTE (http://www.wiz.co.zm) on February 15th for Lusaka.  

We are delighted to be able to bring WIZ to the market. This is a 4G LTE product and we will initially cover a very decent 220 square kilometers in Lusaka. We realize the number of players in the area of the provision of internet data has increased, but competition is no bad thing. We will try to provide the WIZ service with the same style we have developed in Zambia through Microlink with an emphasis on customer care and technical support and competitive pricing. And of course, we will continue to have our flagship UNLIMITED packages. We aim to provide the service across all economic sectors of the market. As always, our motto is to never knowingly be over-priced.

The launch of WIZ will be followed by the roll-out in Kitwe, Ndola and Livingstone in March 2017, with further roll-out in other towns on an ongoing basis.

The equipment is Airspan, a US vendor, who Microlink (www.microlink.zm) have a long association with and a lot of trust in the quality of their service. Airspan have been particularly supportive of the WIZ LTE project.


One thought on “Wiz LTE by Microlink to launch in Lusaka by mid-February

  • To The Microlink WIZ Team!
    Useless after sales service but good internet. I made a purchase on the 10/03/17 only for the installation to be done thirteen days later on 23/03/17 (contrary to your 48hour policy) and to add on to the pain, I got disconnected on 15/04/17. Your live chat customer service promised to work on it but nothing. I was promised a free month for the delay but nothing instead, you further went on to insult me by disconnecting me prematurely. The least decent thing you could have done is to have allowed my subscription to expire on its due date. I also find it confusing that my account was active on 15/03/17 when installation only happened on 23/03/17. This brings me to wonder what goes on with your team. I was also told that my account could not be worked on due to the CEO’s unavailability in the country. I will wait for next month to purchase my next subscription as I will pretend that you have awarded me the free subscription. Then when I makey subscription payment, it will be on the 23rd so that it corresponds with the day of installation. Please know that people have principles.

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