Zamtel’s Real Mahala reloaded

Source: Zamtel Facebook page

The bundled tarrif package by Zamtel called Real Mahala has been reloaded, as Zamtel puts it, with a K3 promotional pack dubbed “Feel the 3rill”. The package consists of:

– 60 minutes of call time
– unlimited SMSes
– 100MB of data

The call minutes and SMSes are valid from 06hrs to 22hrs while the data bundles are valid from 06hrs to midnight. Subscribers can also make free on-net calls between 22hrs till 06hrs the next day. How does this compare to the other on-net daily data, voice and SMS packages being offered by Airtel or MTN?

Well, Airtel has its ‘So Che‘ packs and the daily on-net package for k15 has:

– 100MB of data
– 84 minutes
– 1000 SMSes.

The maximum daily package on MTN’s Spaka 1-SIM costing K10 gives:

– 80MB
– 30 on-net minutes
– unlimited SMSes

Zamtel has its Low Low tariffs promotion as well, which for its K7 daily on-net deal gives a 100MB data bundle, 100 minutes and unlimited SMSes.

Clearly the Zamtel Real Mahala offer is much cheaper daily package option for that amount of data. There are just a few concerns by subscribers about the speed of internet from the mobile operator. What’s the point of buying it if the network isn’t accessible right?

What would you rather buy?


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2 thoughts on “Zamtel’s Real Mahala reloaded

  • I have tried subscribing to it but it keeps on telling me “Connection problem or invalid MMI code”

    • You might have to contact their customer service centre for that issue

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