Zamtel launches new unlimited WiFi bundles

Zamtel has just launched its new unlimited data bundle packages on its network, under a brand called Velocity (which is powered by Zamtel). The packages prices for these new unlimited bundles are:

K349Up to 3 MBps30 days
K650Up to 5 MBps30 days
K800Up to 1o MBps30 days
K1300Up to 15MBps30 days
K1650Up to 20MBps30 days

How to get Zamtel’s WiFi to your home

You can check the Zamtel LTE coverage here and see if your area is covered.

James Pearl, who headed Velocity’s brand formation said, “We are seeing growing demand of fast, reliable unlimited, and affordable data in the country. This presents opportunity for (mobile operator) players to be innovative.”

He added that today’s customers want a service that gives them value for money with little to no buffering, that offers them truly unlimited streaming.

To access the offer you need to have an LTE device for a router or MiFi. The package can be shared by up to 32 users.


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6 thoughts on “Zamtel launches new unlimited WiFi bundles

  • Gwazani Kaputula

    Nice article. Hope to read more of your stories !

  • Andrew Mwale

    I think to benefit a layman like me, there is need to mention what the status quo is at the moment in terms of speed and pricing so that we are able to compare the benefits/advantages of using Velocity.

  • Zamtel needs to simplify the terminology used in marketing its products. There’s need to clearly outline the terms and conditions attached to each service on the market, and to advance measures to mitigate persistent maintenance procedures that are so frustrating to the consumer.
    Zamtel services are always welcome – the company being dominant in Zambia – but the quality of execution of its data services leaves a lot to be desired.
    If the Velocity Technology is as effective as claimed, it needs a qualility upgrade system to avoid the usual hiccups associated with the internet access.
    Thumbs up for the Velocity effort.

  • Kombelwa Libakeni

    Uncapped galore, finally in the 260 !

  • Nella Garnett

    What happened to the K149 monthly bundle?

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