Zamtel launches Cheza 4eva, non-stop calling promotion

Zamtel has today announced the launch of a new offer dubbed Cheza 4eva that will see its mobile prepaid subscribers enjoy non-stop calling and affordable data packs.

The Cheza 4eva offer will enable Zamtel mobile users to make Zamtel to Zamtel calls without worrying about minutes finishing.

With offers ranging from as low as K20 to a maximum band of K70, customers can now enjoy non-stop calling and data allocations of up to 7GB with a validity period of up to one week.

Customers can access the Cheza 4eva offer by dialing *422#.

Announcing the new offer, Zamtel Acting Chief Commercial Officer, Mr Worried Chibuye said Cheza 4eva is aimed at affording Zamtel customers longer calling periods and more affordable data packs.

“In line with our 2019 theme of “My Customer My Life”, we are proactively working towards transforming Zamtel into a customer-centric organization as we seek to develop closer relationships with our customers and delivering more personalized offers such as Cheza 4eva.” said Mr Chibuye.

Mr. Chibuye said the new offering will help subscribers plan and accommodate their usage that fits into their lifestyles and budget. He added,

“Non Stop calling and the affordable data packs being offered on Cheza 4eva is a plus for businesses especially SMEs and will help keep families connected.

We are confident that Cheza 4eva will appeal to our customers in the mass market bracket as well as Colleges and Universities as these are the backbone of the nation’s economy.”

The prices for the new On-net offers are in the image above.

4 thoughts on “Zamtel launches Cheza 4eva, non-stop calling promotion

  • the problem is poor network hope the network will not give us headache
    sometimes the said 7GB we will only manage to use 2GB or less

    • its your phone boss, set it to 3G or 4G

  • I hope the minutes won’t reduce after ending the calls because what is happening right now you find that you have 20 minutes and you talk for 20 seconds and you find that you have 19 minutes left minus showing the seconds. It’s suppose to display the seconds eg- 20 minutes 80 seconds.
    Work on that!

  • in my area Zamtel internet doesn’t exist but I’m so getting a sim card and asking all my friends to do so because of the unlimited calling!

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