Zamtel aims for countrywide broadband reach

Zamtel says it is working on a project to extend broadband internet coverage across Zambia as a way of supporting the country’s digitalization agenda.

Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta said demand for broadband internet is on the rise across the country as more people adopt digital lifestyles.

Mr Mupeta said Zamtel is working with the Ministry of Transport and Communications to come up with strategies of deploying broadband access for all Zambians.

He said Zambia has done well so far in increasing voice penetration levels across the country which should now be replicated with data.

Mr Mupeta was speaking on Tuesday when a team of Zamtel officials in the company of Msanzala Member of Parliament Peter Daka paid a courtesy call on Chief Nyampande at his palace in Petauke before commissioning the Misolo tower.

He added, “From Zamtel’s end, it’s our desire and interest to have the internet coverage in a number of areas. It is one of the agenda items we are actively begging to pursue. This will keep on happening until such a time when we have would say we have given broadband access to all the citizens of this country, it’s one of our ambitious targets we have a and we shall reach there.

“As Zamtel off course discussing with the Ministry of Transport is how we can increase broadband internet access because internet today is more than a necessity than one of those nice things to have. A lot of services that are coming today would require internet. So the requirement of having very good broadband internet is something that everybody understands,” Mr Mupeta said.

“We have done very well with voice penetration, with this this tower project, we can safely say over 90 percent of the country will be covered with voice. When we started the projects some three years ago, the focus was getting people connected but with the changing times, there is demand for internet and we believe taking broadband internet will change the communication landscape in Zambia,” Mr Mupeta said.

The Zamtel CEO said Zamtel has so far erected 790 new sites with Msanzala receiving 8 new towers.

And Chief Nyampande’s Representative Joyce Mwanza urged Zambians to support their own indigenous telecommunications company for it to thrive.

Source: Zamtel