ZamPay goes number neutral

Zamtel has announced that ZamPay, the country’ first Quick Response (QR) code payment platform has now become number neutral.

The Number Neutrality Feature allows customers across all three networks in Zambia to download ZamPay to pay for their goods and services by scanning a phone.

The new capability feature on ZamPay also allows customers outside Zambia to download ZamPay on their phones and send cash to their contacts in Zambia at a small fee.

Since it was launched in December last year, ZamPay has been restricted to Zamtel.

Transport and Communications Minister Dr Brian Mushimba described the launch of the ZamPay Number Neutral Capability Feature as ground breaking innovation.

Transport and Communications Minister Dr Brian Mushimba

He was speaking on Tuesday at Zamtel House in Lusaka when he officiated at the launch of ZamPay Number Neutral Capability Feature.

He said even those that are outside Zambia, they can download ZamPay on their phone and send money to someone with a Zambian number.

“I just wish Zamtel would have launched this when I was living in the US many years ago. When I was in the US, I used to struggle to send cash back home to my Mom, sending a 300 dollars, I would be required to pay 60 dollars in fees, I don’t think Zamtel will charge that much,” he said.

Dr Mushimba said with products such as ZamPay, the country will accelerate its efforts of going cashless.

“We are going to transact cashless because all the barriers that existed have been addressed with this launch today,” he said.

At the same function, Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Mr Sydney Mupeta said Zamtel is determined to contribute positively to financial inclusion and urged business players to register with the platform for easier paperless transactions.

Mr Mupeta said the ZamPay platform was not accessible to customers on the other networks except to those on Zamtel.

“However, the Number Neutral capability feature we are launching today will now allow customers on all networks to download the ZamPay Application and be able to enjoy the benefits of transacting by simply scanning a QR code using their mobile devices,” Mr Mupeta said.

He added, “This development is a huge milestone for Zamtel and for our people who were previously not able to use the system because of the limitation when we first launched it.  Today we celebrate and welcome to the ZamPay family a number of our brothers and sisters who are currently on other networks and were not able to be part of this exciting innovation. I therefore urge them to take advantage of this opportunity and download the ZamPay Application on Google Play store today.”

Mr Mupeta also announced that ZamPay now has additional features to improve customer experience.

“In addition to the number neutral capability, a number of other features have been added to the ZamPay product to enhance its benefits. Last week, we announced the integration of ZamPay with the Zamtel Kwacha platform. With this integration, our customers on ZamPay are now able to send and receive money just like they would on any mobile money platform. The customers on ZamPay will soon be able to purchase other services such as Water and ZESCO units, DSTV and other services which are available on the mobile money platform. It is evident that ZamPay will soon become an integral part of our day to day lifestyle, he said.

Source: Zamtel