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Zambian Government Endorses AI Global Summit, Event Seen as Key Step Towards Adoption of National AIStrategy

Compu-Connect Education has announced that the Government of Zambia has officially endorsed “The Future of AI in Africa” Global Summit and Expo, which will be held from June 25th to June 27th at the Ciela Resort, Bonanza Estate in Lusaka.

In a statement released ahead of the summit, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Technology and Science, Dr. Brilliant Habeenzu said the summit offers a great platform for exchange of ideas around Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Dr. Habeenzu emphasized the summit’s vital role in fostering collaboration and innovation in the field of A.I.

He remarked, “The Future of AI Global Summit and Expo presents a remarkable platform for industry leaders, researchers, policymakers, and enthusiasts to converge, exchange ideas, and explore the latest developments in AI technology. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, this summit holds the potential to accelerate the adoption and responsible implementation of AI solutions in Zambia and beyond.”

Dr. Habeenzu added, “We commend Compu-Connect Education for spearheading this initiative and recognize the significance of such endeavors in driving technological progress and economic growth. As the Ministry of Technology and Science, we are committed to supporting initiatives that promote technological innovation, capacity building, and digital transformation. We are particularly excited about engaging with both global thought leaders and local experts to gather insights and recommendations that will inform the development of our National AI Strategy.”

Commenting on the development, Compu-Connect Education’s Group CEO Sarah Luyele Njamu expressed her gratitude to the Government of Zambia for their unwavering support for this significant event.

She highlighted the summit’s aim to help the workforce in Zambia and Africa at large to embrace Artificial Intelligence, ensuring no one is left behind in the digital revolution.

“The theme for this year is “Leveraging AI to Unlock Opportunities in Banking, Finance, Cyber Security, HR, Mining, Healthcare, Telecoms, Education, Agriculture & Operations.” This event presents a great opportunity for companies and organizations to upskill their workforce in AI, driving organizational efficiency and business growth,” said Mrs. Njamu.

She urged companies and organizations in Zambia to seize this opportunity to enhance their operations through AI, thereby contributing to national and regional economic development.

Compu-Connect Education looks forward to welcoming participants from around the world to Lusaka for this transformative event.

For more information and to register for the summit, please visit: www.compu-connecteducation.co.za

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