Zambezii.com urges Zambian businesses to go digital with its buying and selling platform

Zambezii.com is an online buying and selling platform that connects business suppliers to business buyers, especially ones that deal in bulk buys or sales.

One solution to the endless complications found throughout continental trade. Improving communications between all beneficiaries, as to establish new relationships with the utmost efficiency, especially when physical interactions are limited due to the pandemic. It helps businesses reach the most remote areas without having to travel the distance, and find the most unique listings from a wide variety of sources under one roof.

Zambezii.com seeks to bridge the gap where due to inefficiency and lack of consistency, business commerce is limited to confined borders, restraining the true potential that can be found within the continent. As more and more businesses grow, they realize that offline marketing strategies are outdated and slowly vanishing as a result of digitization. Some businesses, the smaller SMEs, will also find that marketing business products and a company’s overall business profile is a complete headache with the resources currently available.

Natasha Mulenga, Zambezii.com’s Business Development Lead, says, “One of the benefits on the platform is less human interaction and having full product descriptions on the site, meaning anyone looking for a particular product has access to seeing what the dimensions of the products are and the use or benefits of that particular product. Deliveries can be done, though at a fee, because what the supplier, distributer or manufacturer only pays for is the online presence. They do not have to worry about their stores or shops being closed because they will have their products on the platform and anyone registered on the platform can easily access them.”

Signing up to the platform is free, but there are three (3) main packages that suppliers can choose from that have value added services after on-boarding onto the platform like on-site photography shoots, stock management, client feedback support, dedicated message center, analytics on product performance, industry news, and product management.

Buyers on the platform are able to compare quotes for a particular product in seconds , even without having a physical presence. After a quotation has been approved and the product is bought via the platform, delivery options are made available to the buyer who does not have to leave their couch or desk to collect it, as it will be delivered straight to their location based on agreed-upon dates with the supplier.

For full access to the website visit www.Zambezii.com.  

Source: Zambezii.com