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Whose Mobile Money do you use?

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With the Kwacha doing as the Kwacha does, people needing to save their hard earned Ngwee, we wondered whose Mobile Money is most popular? Whilst m-commerce is growing in popularity we face a distinctly unique problem of having 3 currencies – the Kwacha, Airtel Money and MTN Money. The last two are fairly new and starting to make inroads into the Zambian economy as a means for trade and the first the old stalwart – maybe not so ‘stalwart-ish’ anymore!

Let us know how many of you are using Mobile Money to transact and save money by not joining queues or driving across town. Take the poll below:


21 thoughts on “Whose Mobile Money do you use?

    • Surrion Kaputo

      MTN is my most prefered even tho i have both accounts . Home, my main mobile no,internet line, my kantemba. For 14 years now on mtn netwek. Cell z poor coverage.

  • Aibaki Tembo

    Will you post the results of this survey? And maybe next time could you kindly put a reasons sections for those who know about it but dont use it

    • Hi. Yes we will publish the results, and the reasons section is a great idea. Thanks for your contribution. Have a great week!

  • Humphrey chitalu

    Airtel money is actually the best, plus you get to have a 50% discount for transacting using it. IT IS JUST AWESOME!

    • I agree with Humprey Chitalu . I use both MTN mobile money and Airtel money. The majority of transactions on MTN mobile money except air time recharge are unsuccessful .

  • Humphrey Chitalu

    I have been using Airtel money for more than 2 years now and it’s so secure!

  • Mukuka Gibson

    So far MTN is doing it for me big time!!

  • mukhala sangwani

    Mtn is the most relaible Mobile money service provider. Keep it up I give you 5stars ***** #MMM _+++ Mtn Mobile money..

  • I like MTN mobile but kindly have a lot outlets offering this service, eg. I’m based in Lumwana which is about 100km from Solwezi boma, so each time I have to travel to Solwezi to deposit in my account, another thing because of the same distance I can’t withdraw cash unless you go to Solwezi, so most I just use it for airtime purchase for myself not withdrawals

  • Patson mwaba

    Mtn mobile money is the best so far

  • Alice muyeleka

    Mtn simply the best network…..n mtn mobile money is the fastest money transfer….keep it yellow

  • MTN Mobile Money Is SAFE, FAST & SECURED… My Money Is Always In Good Hand. THANK YOU Ba MTN For Your Services

  • mtn mobile money is the best,its cheap,fast and has many outlet throughout the country and easy to access and good customer reletionship.


    Mtn Mobile Money Is The Best.Yellow Forever.

  • Mtn mobile money is ok but i have a complaint about the charges when we are withdrawing money the charges are high.

    • Hi thanks for your comment. What are the charges?

  • I use both airtel money & MTN M money, but mostly MTN’s m money,
    MTN is good especially for airtime transactions
    There is a challenge when it comes to cash transfer
    Their agents usually claim to be short for cash, right here in lusaka you have to go in to town to make a simple withdraw. This defeats the whole purpose of travelling distances to make simple transaction & if its like this here my guess its far worse elsewhere. The other problem I’ve observed is that these agents are clustered in town, can some one tell some guy that its here in the komboni where we need these guys. There are already many banks & atm outlets in town.
    My suggestion: would it be a bad idea to allow us to convert excess air time in to mm?

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